Great Ocean Front Homes Perfect for Hosting Thanksgiving Feasts

November 28th, 2019 is quickly approaching! With temperatures forecasted to be in the high 60s, beach football is definitely on the table for Thanksgiving 2019 in Venice. Better yet having a Turkey dinner with the patio doors open to the beach is blissful and brings some peace to the stress that can come along with preparing a Thanksgiving meal. 

Beach view from the patio in Venice

117 Ocean Front walk-in Venice


Currently on the market, 117 Ocean Front Walk in Venice was built to entertain all the while helping party goers relax with the sights and sounds of the ocean visible from the ultra-large living room area.

Built in 1992, 117 Ocean Front Walk in Venice sits on a 4,800 square foot lot which provides 35 feet of patio area directly connected to the boardwalk. Fitting the entire extended family for dinner is no problem in the double-wide living room capable of accommodating a 12 person table with ease. 

Venice beach home living room with an ocean view


Of course, no great dinner is complete without a bottle or two of fine wine. That’s where the 1,000 bottle cellar really comes in handy. Next door to the cellar you’ll find a home gym, perfect for burning off those Thanksgiving calories. 


1,000 bottle in-home wine cellar

If your guests are like our very own Anna Solomon and won’t drive anywhere without their Tesla, they’ll be happy to know the home is equipped with an electric vehicle charging station within the six-car garage. 


The yellow staircase on the Santa Monica Beach Boardwalk

1323 Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica Beach

Next, let’s take a look at 1323 Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica, the house famous for its yellow spiral staircase. The three-level home is ideal for entertaining guests with children as adults and kids can have their own areas to play. There is plenty of beachfront viewing area for everyone to enjoy the sunset over the beach. With 3 balcony areas and a ground-level patio connected to the Santa Monica beach everyone in the post-Thanksgiving food coma can lie down on an outdoor couch and take a nap. 


After the main course is served and before the dessert platters come out the kids can play downstairs in the kids living room area on the ground floor. 270 square feet of play area to dance, enjoy video games, watch a movie or try to play through an entire game of Monopoly. Meanwhile, the football fans can catch the Buffalo Bills take on the Dallas Cowboys or the Saints take on the Falcons from the living rooms on the above floors.

Dining area at 1323 Palisades Beach Road Santa Monica

Dining room with a view of the Santa Monica Beach


Set up a table on the top floor and invite everyone up to take in the view of the stars above the ocean from the 400 square foot deck on the third floor, adjacent to the master bedroom.

For more homes that would be ideal for hosting in, view the rest of our listings on Ocean Ave Living. With Christmas fast approaching we’ll be sure to highlight some of the best trees in Santa Monica on our blog. Pumpkin Pie and great views go together like Turkeys and Thanksgiving. 


Of course if cooking isn’t part of the Thanksgiving plan for 2019 you can always look for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. 

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